Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the world's busiest origin and destination (O & D) airport. O&D passengers are those beginning or ending their trips in Southern California rather than using the airport for connecting flights. In total traffic, LAX is the sixth busiest airport in the world for passengers and ranks 13th in the world in air cargo tonnage handled. In 2008, the airlines of LAX served 59.8 million passengers and handled 1.8 million tons of freight and mail. LAX handled 70 percent of the passengers, 75 percent of the air cargo, and 95 percent of the international passengers and cargo traffic in the five-county Southern California region.

Brief History

Originally known as Mines Field, the LAX site has been used as a general aviation field since 1928. During World War II, it was used for military flights. Commercial airline service started in December 1946. The present terminal complex was constructed in 1961. In the early 1980s, LAX added domestic and international terminals and a second-level roadway.

Economic Impact

LAX is a dynamic airport which creates, attracts and supports economic activity throughout Southern California. LAX has an annual economic impact of $60 billion. This is generated by aviation activity on or near the airport, by off-airport expenditures related to the use of aviation services, and by money that is again spent and circulated throughout the local economy. An estimated $21 billion of this total is generated within the City of Los Angeles.

LAX creates jobs. An estimated 59,000 jobs, directly attributable to LAX, are located on or near the airport. Approximately 408,000 jobs, spread throughout the region, are attributable to LAX. The employment in the City of Los Angeles due to the airport is estimated to be 158,000 jobs. One in 20 jobs in Southern California is attributed to LAX operations.

Central Terminal Area

The central complex features nine passenger terminals connected by a U-shaped two-level roadway. Curbside baggage check-in is available on the upper departure level. Baggage claim is on the lower level. Brand-named and ethnic-styled restaurants, cocktail lounges, gift shops, newsstands, duty free shops for international flights, restrooms, public telephones and business centers offer convenient services for the traveling public.

Other amenities include a first aid station in the Tom Bradley International Terminal and special telephones connected to area hotels/motels, bus/limousine services and car rental firms serving most Southland communities. Free shuttle service is provided between all terminals and remote parking lots.

The Encounter Restaurant is located 70 ft. above the ground in the center of the historic Theme Building complex. The restaurant, topped by an observation deck, features a space-age interior design.

Air Traffic Control

The 277-foot control tower is uniquely designed to service LAX's four parallel runways. Individual local control and ground controllers handle their duties for each of the four runways. Clearance delivery, flight data and gate-hold positions are operated from the central position of the tower cab.

Coast Guard Facilities

The U.S. Coast Guard Air Station, the only one of its kind in the country, provides around-the-clock vigilance on search/rescue missions. Its personnel conduct maritime law enforcement on oil pollution in coastal waters. The station is located adjacent to the north runway complex.

Public Parking

Nearly 8,000 parking stalls are available in eight parking structures located opposite the roadways from the passenger terminals. In addition to the central terminal area parking, LAX has a capacity of over 4,500 parking stalls available in Parking Lot C.

Free shuttle service to airline terminals is provided around the clock from Lot C. Perimeter parking Lot C, northeast of the airport, also contains the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Bus Center, which connects public bus systems with the courtesy LAX shuttle bus service provided by the airport.

Public Transportation

Among the modes of transportation available at LAX are airport bus service, door-to-door shuttle van service, local bus lines, light rail, rental cars, and taxicabs. A free, frequent shuttle bus connects LAX with METRO's Green Line Light Rail. Shuttle service is provided at no charge for passengers making connecting flights between terminal buildings.

The LAX FlyAway bus service provides frequent nonstop transportation between LAX and Van Nuys Bus Terminal, Union Station in downtown Los Angeles and Westwood/UCLA.

Services for the Disabled

LAX provides many services to assist passengers or visitors with disability. Along with special parking spaces, rampways and elevators, a free shuttle equipped with a lift for disabled persons in wheelchairs operates between Lot C and airline terminals. Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf (TDD) or speech-impaired are available in all terminals.

Cargo Facilities

Fast becoming a major cargo distribution center, LAX has 1,000 cargo flights each day linking Los Angeles with the world. Its handling facilities are the 98-acre Century Cargo Complex, the 57.4-acre Imperial Complex, the Imperial Cargo Center and a number of terminals on the south side of the airport. For more information, see the Los Angeles World Airports Air Cargo Fact Sheet.


The Airport Improvement Program is underway with major construction of a new Terminal C, Parking Structure C and the Central Utility Plant. Passengers and visitors to JWA will notice a significant amount of construction activity in and around the Riley Terminal. Please exercise caution due to ongoing construction activities and periodic lane closures.

Speed limits have been reduced to 15 mph due to the ongoing construction.

Visit our Airport Improvements Program Web site for more information and active construction alerts...

Get to the Airport early. John Wayne Airport encourages passengers to arrive at the Airport 1-1/2 to 2 hours prior to their scheduled departure to allow ample time for parking and to complete the check-in and security screening process.
  • Check in and print your boarding pass via the Web to cut down on time in line, or use the self-service kiosks in the Terminal whenever possible. If you're traveling with American Airlines, try the Paperless Boarding Pass.
  • Check your flight status before heading to the Airport by visiting John Wayne Airport's real-time Arrivals and Departures or your airline's Web site .
  • Plan for a healthy trip - Tips on how to stay healthy while traveling are available on the CDC Web site ( Centers for Disease Control & Prevention ).
  • Have your government-issued photo identification and your boarding pass readily available until you clear security. Children under the age of 18 do not require an I. D. ( View passport requirements for international travel ).
  • Use curbside check-in service when available. It is as easy as dropping off your bags curbside with a skycap and proceeding through the security checkpoints to your gate. If you have a boarding pass and no check-in luggage you may go directly to the security checkpoints.

    Curbside check-in service is offered by American Airlines, Delta Airlines/Delta Connection, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and US Airways/US Airways Express .

  • Familiarize yourself with the new Self Select Security Lanes :

  • Expert Lane - for the seasoned traveler who knows how to get through checkpoint quickly & efficiently.

    Casual Lane - for travelers who are somewhat familiar with the security procedures and don't want to be rushed through the security checkpoints.

    Family/Medical Liquids Lane - for travelers traveling with small children or with the need of special assistance. Travelers with medical liquids in excess of 3 ounces are requested to use the Family/Medical Liquids lane and declare these items for inspection at the checkpoint.

    Visit TSA's Web site for more information on Self Select Lanes...
  • Only ticketed passengers will be allowed beyond the security checkpoints.
  • The Airport is open early to accommodate passenger check-in for early morning flights:
Open at:
Airline ticket counters* 5:00 a.m.
Parking lots 4:30 a.m.
Valet Parking Service 5:00 a.m.

* Some airlines open their ticket counters as early as 4:30 a.m. Please verify with your airline or call (949) 252-5200.

“1+1” rule: You are allowed one carry-on bag and one personal item – such as a purse, briefcase, laptop computer or diaper bag – through security screening and onto the aircraft.

  • Only pack permitted items in your carry-on and checked luggage. Visit the TSA Web site for specific information on Permitted and Prohibited, and Food and Gift items.
  • Snow Globes - Due to current restrictions on liquids, snow globes of any size are not allowed to be carried through the airport security checkpoint. Please pack in checked luggage.
  • Do not wrap gifts , as they are subject to search - even if placed in checked baggage. Follow the TSA guidelines on how to pack food and gift items.
  • Loose lithium batteries are NOT permitted in checked luggage due to federal safety rules.
  • Place film in your carry-on luggage because checked baggage screening equipment may damage undeveloped film.
  • Powders in Carry-on Lugagge: While permitted in your carry-on luggage, powders may require additional screening. The vast majority of commonly carried powders, like most medication, infant formula and makeup, are unlikely to need further screening. Find out more about this requirement on TSA's Web site...
  • All carry-on items (including cell phones, lap-tops, and film) will be x-rayed. Be prepared to place cell phones, keys, pagers, etc. in a carry-on bag, take laptops out of their carrying case, and take coats and jackets off for X-ray inspection. Separately, place all permitted liquids contained in one quart-size zip-top bag into a security bin. All passengers will be required to remove their shoes for inspection at the screening checkpoints.
  • Make sure to thoroughly check your luggage before leaving for the airport to avoid mistakenly carrying on prohibited items.
  • Never leave your baggage unattended in the Terminal!

Limit the amount of liquids, gels or aerosols in your carry-on baggage to the following:

Containers with 3 ounces or less of liquids, gels or aerosols may be placed in carry-on baggage, carried through the screening checkpoint and carried on board the aircraft following the 3-1-1 for Carry-Ons rule. 3-1-1 On Air Travel ounces or less size containers of liquid or gel quart-size, clear plastic, zip-top bag holding 3 ounces or less containers bag per traveler placed in the security bin

Declare the following items for inspection at the checkpoint prior to screening. The items listed below are allowed in reasonable quantities exceeding three ounces and are not required to be in the zip-top bag. Passengers are requested to use the Family/Medical Liquids Lane and declare these items for inspection at the checkpoint:

  • Prescription and over-the-counter medications (liquids, gels, and aerosols) including eye drops and saline solution for medical purposes in reasonable quantities exceeding three ounces.
  • Baby formula and juice (when traveling with an infant or toddler) in reasonable quantities exceeding three ounces. Mothers flying with, and without, their child will be permitted to bring breast milk in quantities greater than three ounces.
  • Liquids including water, juice, or liquid nutrition or gels for passengers with a disability or medical condition.

If in doubt, please pack the item in your checked baggage or visit the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) web site at for additional travel tips.

John Wayne Airport offers a variety of parking options. All parking options are available for short and long-term parking. Vehicles entering Airport roadway and parking structures are subject to search by Airport Police Services.

  • Speed limits have been reduced to 15 mph to accommodate the ongoing construction and are being strictly enforced.
  • Convenient curbside Valet Parking can be utilized for $30 per day.
  • Terminal self parking is available in the A1, A2 and B2 parking structures at the rate of $2 per hour up to $20 per day.
  • Self parking is available in our new Parking Lot C with free shuttle service to the Terminal at the rate of $2 per hour up to $17 per day.
  • The Airport's remote “Main Street” parking lot offers parking at a rate of $2 per hour up to $14 per day with complimentary shuttle service to the Terminal every 15 minutes.
  • Catching a ride from a family member or friend? Remember, only ticketed passengers will be allowed beyond the security checkpoints, curbside parking is for the immediate loading and unloading of passengers only and no unattended vehicles are permitted.
  • Due to travel patterns unique to this Airport, demand for parking is particularly high and Terminal parking structures often are filled on Wednesdays.
For more information on parking options or to get a parking status, call
(949) 252-5200 - dial “0” after the initial recording to speak to an Airport Operator.
  • Merge onto CA-91 W
  • Take exit 23B for Beach Blvd/CA-39 toward Buena Park 0.3 mi
  • Turn left at Beach Blvd 1.3 mi
  • Turn right at Crescent Ave Destination will be on the left 486 ft
  • 7800 Crescent AveBuena Park, CA 90620

Area Airport Information

Los Angeles International (LAX)

  • Distance 15 mi / 24.15 km
  • Taxi Fee: $45 (USD)
  • Time by taxi: 20 min
  • Time by train: 60 min

Flight Schedule

LAX Shuttle & Airline Connections

Frequent, free shuttle service is provided between terminals (approximately every 12 to 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, to assist travelers in getting from one terminal to another for airline connections; and to transport them to the LAX Parking Lots B and C or to the Metro Green Line Station. To use this service, travelers should board the LAX Shuttle under the LAX Shuttle & Airline Connections blue sign on the Lower/Arrival Level islands in front of each terminal.

Shuttle Routes:

A Airline Connections stops at each terminal

B Transports passengers to and from Parking Lot B

C Transports passengers to and from Parking Lot C . Travelers can walk to the LAX City
Bus Center from Lot C.

G Transports passengers to and from the Metro Green Line Aviation Station .

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is ranked sixth in the world for number of passengers and 13th in tonnage of air cargo handled.

The central complex features nine passenger terminals connected by a U-shaped two-level roadway. Curbside baggage check-in is available on the upper departure level. Baggage claim is on the lower level. Brand-named and ethnic-styled restaurants, cocktail lounges, gift shops, newsstands, duty free shops for international flights, restrooms, public telephones and business centers offer convenient services for the traveling public.

Other amenities include a first aid station in the Tom Bradley International Terminal and special telephones connected to area hotels/motels, bus/limousine services and car rental firms serving most Southland communities. Free shuttle service is provided between all terminals and remote parking lots.

For more general description, please click here .

Flight Information



Flight Information



Flight Information



Flight Information



Flight Information



Flight Information



Flight Information



Flight Information



Flight Information



Rental CarsApproximately 40 rental car companies operate out of LAX, with vehicle rental sites located off the airport. Many of these rental car companies provide phone links inside or near the baggage claim areas on the Lower/Arrival Level of the terminals so travelers can request a free shuttle pick up to reach the rental car sites.

Ten rental car companies are permitted to pick-up and drop-off their customers directly from the airline terminals using courtesy shuttles. These are the following companies:


These are allowed to meet arriving customers under the purple sign "Rental Car Shuttles" on the Lower/Arrival level islands outside baggage claim.

Customers of other rental car should contact their rental car of choice using the Ground Transportation Telephone Boards in baggage claim areas of each terminal to arrange for pick-up.

These customers will use the free LAX Shuttle Bus to reach the Off-Airport Rental Car Terminal to meet their rental car courtesy shuttle. Customers should meet the LAX Shuttle Bus "Lot C" on the Lower/Arrivals level island under the sign for LAX Shuttle to travel to the rental car terminal.

Click on the following for a list of rental car companies serving LAX. [ Rental car serving LAX ]
Burbank Airport (BUR)

  • Distance: 12 mi / 19.31km
  • Taxi Fee: $35 (USD)
  • Time by Taxi: 15 min

Ontario Intl (ONT)

  • Distance: 40 mi / 64.37 km
  • Taxi Fee: $75 (USD)
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